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Seen a bird that is rare or unfamiliar?


Have you seen a bird that you can’t identify? Benzie Aududon is here to help! Send an email (with a digital photo if available) to Carl Freeman, John Ester, Doug Cookor Paula & Bryce Dreeszen, and we will get back to you quickly with our best guess.

What if you find a bird that is unusual or interesting in some other respect (out of season, present in large number, etc.), and you'd like to share your sighting with other birders? Email Carl Freeman, and he will use his email bird alert to advise local birders accordingly. For example one winter a birder on Cooper Road contacted Carl by email after a Varied Thrush (pictured at the left) showed up at her feeder. Carl sent out a bird alert, and many birders--including some from downstate--were able to enjoy seeing the thrush.

A similar situation occurred when Doug Cook spotted the Townsend’s Solitaire pictured on the right on a walk in Frankfort. Doug promptly notified Carl, who in turn issued a bird alert. As a result many birders saw a bird that they had never before seen in Michigan.

If you want to be on Carl's bird alert list, just email him and let him know.


(Photo credits: Varied Thrush by John Ester, Townsend's Solitaire by Carl Freeman)

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