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Welcome to our Photo Gallery!  (Last update:  February 2, 2018)


Birds of the Benzie Area

There are always interesting things to see and photograph in the Benzie area. In January locals saw mostly the usual suspects, while those venturing south found more unusual subjects. (Click on pictures for a larger view.)

Joe photographed this American Crow at Clinch Park in Traverse City. Joe says the crows there are very tame and will pose for food. (Photo by Joe Brooks)

Northern Cardinals seem to be made for Michigan winters. (Photo by John Ester)

Common Redpolls have been in short supply this winter. This female almost went unnoticed among the Pine Siskins in the Ester yard. (Photo by John Ester)

So far these four White-throated Sparrows are spending the winter under the Esters' thistle feeder. First noticed in early December, they were still present on February 1st. (Photo by John Ester)


In the meantime Carl was finding no shortage of interesting creatures in Florida.This Limpkin was eating a snail--its main food--at Sweetwater Wetlands Park in Gainesville. (Photo by Carl Freeman)

At the same park Carl got this "never dreamed of" shot of a sleeping Wilson's Snipe from the boardwalk directly above. (Photo by Carl Freeman)

The Sweetwater Park also featured "wild" horses, these with Cattle Egrets atop. (Photo by Carl Freeman)

From Florida boardwalks in the winter it is not unusual to see American Bitterns out in the open and tame. This was another bird from the Sweetwater Park. (Photo by Carl Freeman)

Anhingas like this one from the Sweetwater Park always seem to be having a "bad hair day." (Photo by Carl Freeman)

As illustrated by this armadillo, horses were not the only wild animals at the Sweetwater Park. (Photo by Carl Freeman)

This Limpkin was at the La Chua boardwalk at Florida's Paynes Prairie State Park. Note the tongue with a feather on its tip; the bird had just been preening. (Photo by Carl Freeman)

Club Activities

This year's Christmas Bird Count was a big success. Here Paula looks for birds at the Trapp Preserve. Count results can be found on our CBC page. (Photo by Bryce Dreeszen)

Following our 5th Annual Members Photo Show in November we elected a new Board of Directors: Carl Freeman, Emily Cook, Doug Cook, Sally Cook, Greg Miller, Jackie Jackson, John Ester, Char Ester, Tom Jackson and Wes Blizzard. (Photo by Joe Brooks)

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